Radikal Rush Poppers

- Limited Edition -

Strong is not enough for you? You want it even stronger and harder?
Then the new Radikal Rush is just the right Poppers for you.


Radikal Rush: the best and strongest poppers ever!

Content 30ml

Filled in an unbreakable aluminum bottle with a new, absolutely tight screw top. When shaking the bottle, the new unique MEGA PELLET activates the free radicals thus strengthening the effect of the Radikal Rush Poppers. Additionally the MEGA PELLET ensures that the flavor stays longer fresh and pure. With the much larger opening the fragrance can now develop better and provide a longer-lasting effect. A Poppers of unprecedented strength for the best orgasm of your life.

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  • Content: 30ml
  • unbreakable bottle
  • unique Mega Pellet
  • large opening
  • extremely strong
  • flavour stays longer fresh and pure


Radikal Rush Large opening


Extra large opening of which causes the aromas to develop more fully.

Radikal rush Unbreakable Bottle


The new Radikal Rush filled in an unbreakable aluminum bottle.

Radikal Rush Mega pellet


Shake the newly developed Mega pellet to make it even more stronger.

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Best poppers ever!

Wow! Just Wow! This has to be the best poppers experience I have had since the late 90's when I first tried poppers. I am just blown away by how good it is. Firstly, it does not give you a terrible headache afterwards. Secondly, the rush is much more progressive, so you don't go absolutely berserk 10 seconds after ... it is much more gentle in that sense, but no less strong at the peak of the rush. It lasts longer, so that is nice... And the aroma is not as aggresive and nasty as some that I have.

Sebastian H.

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